My first production Flutter app

Igor Steblii
7 min readJun 12, 2022

A few months ago, my wife shared how difficult it might be to find the right foundation tone: whenever she orders online, she buys a few samples and eventually throws away those that do not work. Especially during COVID-19 lockdown — you cannot try it out in the shop. What a waste!

I decided to challenge myself and try to create an app to help figure out skin tone and find a matching foundation.

Last year, I moved another of my pet projects,, to Kotlin Multiplatform and was waiting for an opportunity to try Flutter, so I did.

Unotone You can find the apps on AppStore and PlayStore


It took me ~5 months to build and release a product (BE + FE). In this article I wanted to share what I learned, the challenges I faced, and what I think about Flutter now.


The most controversial about Flutter to me was the choice of language — Dart. I thought of it like Java on steroids. But I was wrong. It is more like TypeScript but with more guardrails to protect a developer. It is easy to learn, readable…